Our papers published in European Polymer Journal

We are happy to announce that, two our articles „Difunctional 1H-quinolin-2-ones as spectroscopic fluorescent probes for real-time monitoring of photopolymerisation process and photosensitizers of fluorescent photopolymer resin in 3D printing” (Monika Topa, Filip Petko, Mariusz Galek, Magdalena Jankowska, Roman Popielarz oraz Joanna Ortyl) and „Beneficial stilbene-based derivatives: From the synthesis of new catalytic photosensitizer to 3D printouts and fiber-reinforced composites”  (Wiktoria Tomal, Dominika Krok, Anna Chachaj-Brekiesz, Joanna Ortyl) were published in European Polymer Journal (IF=4,598 and Ministerial points =100)