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Science does not happen in a vacuum. It is a social and intellectual institution, rooted in historical and economic contexts.
Therefore, our team fills the void with discoveries in photochemistry and photopolymerization,
bearing in mind the needs of the current market. Feel free to invite us to collaborate with you.
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Research Areas

(1) Novel photoinitiators for polymerization of monomers.

Synthesis of new photoinitiators for cationic polymerisation processes and study of their effectiveness and efficiency in photo-polymerisation of coating materials by Fluorescence Probe Technology (FPT), Real-Time FT-IR (RT-FTIR) and Photo Differential Scanning Calorimetry (p-DSC).

(2) New accelerators for polymerization and photopolymerization processes.

Synthesis of new accelerators for polymerisation and photopolymerisation processes (e.g., ring-opening polymerisation and unique polymerisation processes; free-radical photo-polymerisation of multifunctional monomers, the photo-polymerisation of a mixture of multifunctional monomers or oligomers that polymerise by different mechanisms leads to the build-up of two interpenetrating polymer networks (IPN).

(3) 3D printing processes (3D SLA, 3D-DLP, 2PP 3D printing).

3D-VAT printing processes and materials for additive manufacturing (AM)/rapid prototyping/solid free-form fabrication processes (e.g., 3D printing processes for photocurable polymeric materials: technologies, materials, and machines. A fundamental understanding of the interplay between light and matter in photo-initiating systems guides 3D printing.

(4) Fluorescent probes for special applications – studying the properties of investigated media.

(5) Application of fluorescent probes in monitoring the progress of chemical reactions, including polymerization and photopolymerization processes (e.g., photocured layers).

Synthesis of fluorescent compounds for the role of fluorescent probes for special applications – studying the properties of investigated media (e.g., cationic photopolymerisation and the application of Fluorescence Probe Technology for monitoring the progress of cationic photopolymerisation processes).

(6) Intelligent luminescent molecular sensors for selective detection in biochemistry and chemistry.

Latest News

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We are at ETCC 2022!   Why attend? scientific and sustainable innovations management program Meeting point and networking of global experts in manufacturing- science- processing-material suppliers and investors Increased visibility of research and technical results through publication of papers in scientific leading journals and edited books Various exhibition forms and sponsorship option...
We have officially ended our participation in the Startup in Malopolska project #StartupInMalopolska #biznestomy Thank you for the meetings and we believe that the people we renew thanks to the program will stay with us longer!!! @photo4chem #3dprinting #3dprinter #3dbioprinting #3dbioinks #bioprinting #bioinks #photoinitiators #photosensitive
We are at the European Polymer Congress EPF 2022 conference in beautiful and sunny Prague! Members of our Team: Joanna Ortyl, Monika Topa, Paweł Niezgoda and Wiktoria Tomal present the results of their scientific research and make new scientific friends and collaborations! Look forward to further reports!
On 22.06.2022 our company participated in the #StartUPMalopolska Meetup #9. This is the final meeting of the ninth edition of the #StartUPMalopolska accelerator program. This time the theme of the meeting was "From failure to success", or about learning from mistakes in business. 🚀🚀🚀 During the meeting, during the Startup Pitch session, #Photo4Chem (by @Pawel Niezgoda) also presented its busine...
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