Physicochemistry of phase boundaries – instrumental methods
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On 22.08-26.08.2021 scientific conference entitled: Physicochemistry of phase boundaries - instrumental methods took place in Lublin. The conference covered the topics of electrochemistry, electroanalysis, chemical technology and catalysis, physicochemistry of solids, as well as the use of chemistry in medicine and cosmetics. The conference included poster sessions, numerous lectures by distinguished speakers, as well as training on the use of measuring equipment from leading manufacturers. Two of our students, i.e., Paweł Niezgoda and Katarzyna Starzak, presented posters with titles: "New high-performance photocatalyst systems used for photopolymerization processes in the visible light range" - Paweł Niezgoda and "Polymeric materials with hydrogel consistency obtained in situ by photopolymerization initiated in the visible light range using new photoinitiating systems" - Katarzyna Starzak. It is also worth mentioning that Katarzyna Starzak won a prize for the best poster in the poster session in which she participated.

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