Student Scientific Association of Physical Chemistry

Student Scientific Association of Physical Chemistry (KNChF)

Supervisor: Joanna Ortyl & Maciej Pilch

Contact: Joanna Ortyl / // Maciej Pilch /

The activity of the Scientific Group on Physical Chemistry can be divided into two main pillars: popular science activity and scientific (research) activity.

Popular science activities – from the very beginning of its existence, the Scientific Society of Physical Chemistry has focused its activities on the broadly understood spectacular chemistry, including the development of the new spectacular and instructive chemical experiments, as well as the preparation and conduct of chemical and pyrotechnical demonstrations during various popular science events, such as the Małopolska Night of Scientists, the Science Festival in Krakow, the Małopolska Night of Mathematics, Pogórze Science Attractions in Łużna, Chemist Day, and many others. By co-organising these events, the KNChF contributes to the popularisation of science and the promotion of the Cracow University of Technology among external audiences, particularly young people potentially interested in future education at the Krakow University of Technology. 

Moreover, as part of the KNChF’s popular science activities, many original recipes and recipes for spectacular chemical experiments have been developed, which can boldly be described as unique on a national scale. It is worth noting the extensive range of chemical experiments offered to the audience during demonstrations organised by the KNChF, which ranges from micro-scale laboratory experiments to spectacular pyrotechnic shows conducted on a large scale requiring the availability of an area the size of several football fields. The Scientific Circle of Physical Chemistry at the Cracow University of Technology is at the forefront of the variety of experiments performed during chemical demonstrations at popular science events nationwide. Students belonging to the KNChF; therefore, and the opportunity to participate in research work, gain experience in performing in front of large audiences, acquire skills in self-presentation, and learn about the original recipes for spectacular chemical pyrotechnical experiments developed within the scientific circle.

Materials related to the popular science and scientific (research) activities of the KNChF can be found on the website of the association: