Iuventus Plus

Project title: Design and synthesis of new molecular probes and photochemical study their suitability for monitoring photopolymerization processes using fluorescence spectroscopy

Project number: IP2011 039471

Principal investigator: PhD Associate Professor Joanna Ortyl

Funding source: Ministry of Science and Higher Education

Project duration:

Start day: 04.2012

End day: 09.2014

Short disctoption of the project:

The primary objective of this project was the design and synthesis of a series of new compounds intended to act as fluorescent molecular probes and their quantitative spectrophotometric and spectrofluorimetric studies. The new systems developed for the role of spectroscopic probes have been tested for their suitability, efficiency and effectiveness in real-time (on-line) monitoring of a range of different photopolymerisation processes using fluorescence spectroscopy.

Project outcomes:


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