We have new doctoral students!
Różowa i Biała Dziewczyna Przyjaciółka Urodziny Kartka

We are happy to announce that among this year's doctoral students at the Doctoral School of the Krakow University of Technology, there are two female researchers from our Ortyl Photo team Lab🥳🤩
👩🔬M.Sc. Eng. Patrycja Środa - who is starting her implementation PhD in cooperation with PhotoHiTech, with the topic:
"Study of selected biocompatibility parameters of hydrogels and their components dedicated to three-dimensional (3D) bioprinting techniques for biomedical applications."
👩🔬M.Sc. Eng. Dominika Krok, who will be pursuing her PhD in the topic: "Initiation systems for 3D printing of hydrogels with controlled conductivity and mechanical properties".

We sincerely congratulate you and wish you success!👏

The girls are pursuing their dissertations under the supervising supervision of Prof. Joanna Ortyl🆒.