New article in Dyes and Pigments!
grafical abstract

In the Applied Photochemistry Group, led by Prof. Joanna Ortyl, we are concerned not only on photochemistry and photopolymerization, but also on cell biology! Recently, in cooperation with the Jagiellonian University, we have developed completely new, selective and sensitive biosensors for lung cancer cell imaging and iron ion detection! The result of this is the latest paper entitled “Pyridine derivatives as candidates for selective and sensitive fluorescent biosensors for lung cancer cell imaging and iron ions detection". The article was written by a multi-member team including:

@Monika Topa-Skwarczyńska

@Patryk Szymaszek

@Paweł Fiedor

@Anna Chachaj-Brekiesz

@Mariusz Galek

@Viktor Kasprzyk

@Paulina Koczurkiewicz

@Filip Petko

@Elżbieta Pękala

@Malgorzata Tyszka-Czochara

@Dariusz Bogdał

@Tomasz Świergosz

@Roman Popielarz

@Joanna Ortyl

We encourage you to read this article, as well as to follow our research activities. More papers on this topic coming soon! 😉