Meet Our Members Series, Episode #14 – Students Edition!

Today we present a new episode of Meet Our Team Series - Students Edition!

We hope that you will find interesting information and that our series will result in numerous scientific collaborations!

Episode 14

In today's episode we present

  • Our Student - Paweł Jamróz. His research includes monitoring the course of photopolymerization during 3D printing. using fluorescent probes, creating novel light-curing resins labeled with fluorescent probes, and using photochemistry to study biological systems.


  • Our Student -Weronika Wałczyk. She is a second-year student of Biotechnology at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology at Cracow University of Technology. From March 2022, she belongs to the Joanna’s Ortyl Research Group at the Applied Photochemistry Group of the Krakow University of Technology. She is currently doing spectroscopic and kinetic research of new compounds used in photochemistry.


  • Our Student - Jakub Strzała. He is a student of biotechnology in Cracow Univeristy of Technology, with specialization in industry and environmental protection. He’s a member of Joanna Ortyl’s research group with intrest mainly in photopolimerization processes and bio-chemistry. He develops this intrests by researching photopolimeryzation processes.

We invite you to get acquainted with their profiles.