Greetings from University of Genoa

I have just completed internship at the University of Genoa, Department of Civil, Chemical and Environmental Engineering in the team of Professor Giuseppe Piccardo as part of the PROM  program – „International scholarship exchange for doctoral students and academic personel”. During the internship, I had opportunity to learn about the measurement techniques used by professor Piccardo's team and gained many practical skills that I intend to use during my research work at the Cracow University of Technology. During the internship, I also had the opportunity to meet the famous model maker Robert Jones, who is currently preparing models for aerodynamic tests for prof. Piccardo’s team. Robert was happy to show us his workshop and told the story of his professional career, during which he was involved among others in the preparation of 3D models for the film Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. During the internship, I also found time to explore the city of Genoa and get to know its most interesting places. Many thanks to Giuseppe Piccardo and his team (especially Edoardo Ruffini)  for a great time in Genoa and for showing me the wind tunnel !!!