Nowadays, one of the main technological problems faced by various industries around the world, at the stage of design and operation of various structures, is the control of the distribution of thermodynamic state parameters such as temperature and pressure on the surfaces of these objects. Currently, as part of many industries, in particular belonging to the so-called high-tech industry uses advanced structures with complex surface geometries. When designing these types of structures, it is very often necessary to know the distribution of parameters such as pressure and temperature on the surfaces of these objects or their elements during normal operation. Knowledge of the maps of the distribution of these parameters on the surfaces of the designed structures is important both in terms of the proper optimization of their structure for specific tasks, as well as for economic reasons and in order to ensure the safety of their users. 

Our group conducts research on new luminescent sensors for mapping pressure distribution on surfaces. The research includes the search for new organic and organic-inorganic luminescence sensors with increased pressure sensitivity, improved resistance to temperature fluctuations, increased photostability and shortened response time.  On the basis of the developed sensors, we prepare pressure-sensitive measuring systems, operating on the basis of oxygen and solvent luminescence quenching phenomena. We test the developed pressure-sensitive systems in terms of their use in various high-tech industries.  

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