Project title: Molecular design, synthesis and application of photoinitiator-catalysts (PICs) for photopolymerization reactions

Principal investigator: Joanna Ortyl, Prof., PhD., DSC., Eng.

Obtained funds:  3 868 900  PLN

Project duration: Start day: 01.03.2018 – End day: 28.05.2022

Short description of the project: (nr POIR.04.04.00-00-204B/16-00; TEAM TECH/2016-2/15)

Due to the continuous search for highly efficient photoinitiating systems in the production of polymer coatings and high-speed 3D imaging technologies, a research plan has been proposed on application issues extended with cognitive aspects concerning the development of new high-performance photoinitiator-catalyst systems (PICs) showing versatility through the possibility of photochemical initiation of all types of standard photopolymerization processes (such as cationic photopolymerization (CP), free-radical polymerization (FRP), thiol-ene photopolymerization and hybrid photopolymerization). Moreover, the developed PICs can be applied to modern light-initiated polymerization processes such as controlled radical photopolymerization, which has been widely studied in recent years. The use of materials obtained by these processes leads to the development of new applications that guarantee a well-defined and, what is more, controlled stage of formation of the final polymeric product.

Category: Woman Inventor for Joanna Ortyl, Prof., PhD., DSc., Eng.

Awarded for scientific and research activities that resulted in numerous publications, patents, utility models, invention projects and practical applications and industrial implementations, especially in the field of photochemistry – including photopolymerization processes in polymer systems and photochemical processes taking place in organic molecules. The award is a direct result of the TEAM TECH project co-financed by the Foundation for Polish Science