Project title: Emerging strategy approaches for the design and functionalization of carbon dots as multifunctional, dynamic, green systems photoinitiators and photocatalysts involved in photopolymerisation processes

Project number: UMO-2021/41/B/ST5/04533

Principal investigator: PhD Associate Professor Joanna Ortyl

Obtained funds: 1 363 050 PLN

Funding source: National Science Centre

Project duration:

Start day: 01-2022

End day: 01-2026

Short disctoption of the project:

This project aims to obtain the new nano‐photoinitiating systems (PISs‐CDs) and nano‐photoinitiator‐catalysts (PICs‐CDs) based on carbon dots from UV‐A to NIR range for a different types of photopolymerization processes. First of all, the structure‐property correlations in photoinitiating systems based on carbon dots materials will be developed, providing clear guidance for future investigations. CDs with desired physicochemical properties will be fabricated through bottom-up rational synthesis by manipulation of the structure of the precursors of carbon dots. Therefore, one of the project's objectives will be to define and develop the methodology based on functionalization strategies of synthesis completely new carbon dots (CDs). The realized dream of obtaining completely new applications of CDs will be an exciting approach in design for light‐harvesting nano‐carbon dots.