Project title: Organic-inorganic luminescent chemical molecular sensors as a tool for monitoring and controlling photopolymerization processes on-line and off-line in the production of polymer coatings

Principal investigator: Dr hab inż. Joanna Ortyl, prof. PK

Obtained funds:  1 190 635 PLN

Project duration:

Start day: 2014-01-01

End day: 2016-12-31

Funding institution:

NCBiR - National Centre for Research and Development

Short description of the project:

The aim of this project is to synthesize new high-performance chemical compounds for the role of luminescent organic-inorganic chemical molecular sensors and their quantitative spectrophotometric and spectrofluorimetric studies. Using spectrometric studies, the new systems developed will be tested for their suitability, efficiency and effectiveness in real-time (on-line) monitoring of a number of different photopolymerization processes.

Project Outcomes