FutureLab 2022

Project title: Innovative UV-FPT chamber dedicated to post-processing of photo-curable resin 3D prints for the 3D bio-printing sector. 

Principal investigator: Mgr inż. Maciej Pilch

The project team:

Maciej Pilch

Dawid Kiesiewicz

Agnieszka Fryźlewicz

Aleksandra Olszewska

Mikołaj Sadowski

Anna Grzywacz

Magdalena Smosna

Igor Łabaj

Tomasz Ferdek

Łukasz Waluda

Jowita Kras

Małgorzata Noworyta

Karol Brydniak

Jakub Jaskuła

Aleksandra Taźbirek

Małgorzata Sarad

Martyna Niewiadomska

Gabriela Stachura

Monika Kralka

Patrycja Jagielska

Joasia Szechyńska

Wiktor Janik

Obtained funds:  18 500, 00 PLN

Project duration:

Start day: 2022-01-03

End day: 2022-09-01

Funding institution:

Operational Program Knowledge, Education and Development for 2014-2020

European Scholarship Fund

Short description of the project:

The aim of the project is to develop an innovative UV-FPT chamber for post-production processing of bio-structures and 3D bio-prints marked with luminescent sensors, e.g. for their use in luminescence imaging techniques. Post-production processing in the 3D bio-printing sector is a very demanding task, which is why the availability of such devices on the market is currently limited. In addition, these devices are characterized by little versatility. Thanks to the use of innovative solutions proposed by students, the developed product will have a highly universal character. The design stages include equipping the chamber with three independent light sources (365nm, 405nm, 450nm), a photo-curing mode in an inert gas atmosphere and a real-time monitoring system for the progress of the print curing process using the Fluorescent Probe Technology (FPT). The combination of these solutions in one device is an innovation on a global scale and makes the product interesting for 3D bio-printing sector  and other sectors of the 3D printing market.