Project titleDevelopment of innovative biotinks for 3D printing of spatial structures to support growth and proliferation of biological material in the form of selected cell lines.

Project Supervisor: PhD Associate Professor Joanna Ortyl

Obtained funds: 20 000 PLN

Project duration:

Start day: 11-2021

End day: 10-2022

Funding Source: FutureLab PK, Cracow University of Technology

Short disctoption of the project:

The aim of the project is to develop new hydrogel inks with biological material dedicated to 3D printing. Potential applications of 3D bioprinting include the production of three-dimensional tissue models, including cancer models, allowing to evaluate the effectiveness of a given therapy directly on the patient's cells, which allows to reduce time and select personalized therapy, or to create and print a suit adapted to the patient, allowing to replace even an entire bone. Another application of 3D bioprinting is the fabrication of lab-on-a-chip or organ-on-a-chip systems, which are miniature analytical devices that can detect parasites and viruses in the blood or stimulate the function, mechanics and physiological responses of entire organs. The planned outcomes of the project include the development of optimal hydrogel carriers for 3D bioprinting, ensuring the best conditions for cells from the culture stage, through printing, to the final product. The main stages of the project will be to develop a hydrogel carrier with optimal properties in terms of cell culture and optimal parameters for 3D printing, to determine the impact of individual additives to the biocarrier on the mechanical properties of the printout and the condition of the cells, and to analyze the impact of technical modifications to the printer on the resolution of the printout. The innovation of the project is to develop functional bioinks for 3D bioprinting, where cells would be immobilized in the structure at the time of printing.


Dominika Krok
Paweł Niezgoda
Tomasz Schmidt
Katarzyna Starzak
Julita Śmietana
Łukasz Waluda
Alicja Wysocka
Paweł Stalmach
Łucja Maślerz
Paweł Jamróz
Patryk Gajewski
Jan Paweł Sosin
Karolina Gałuszka