Diamentowy Grant

Project title:

Design, preparation and testing of the application properties of a new type of PSP and TSP coatings as part of the construction of innovative systems for mapping the distribution of thermodynamic state parameters on the surfaces of real objects, for the needs of the high technology industry.

Principal investigator: MSc. Eng. Maciej Pilch

Obtained funds: 220 000 PLN

Project duration: Start day: 09.10.2019 – End day: 08.10.2023

Short description of the project:

The main goal of this project is to obtain a new type of Pressure Sensitive Paints (PSP) and Temperature Sensitive Paints (TSP) with high sensitivity and a wide range of applicability, as well as to check the possibility of using them for selected tasks carried out in the high technology industry. As part of the project, the developed PSP and TSP systems will be tested in wind tunnels as systems for mapping pressure and temperature distribution on the surfaces of aerodynamic models.