Université de Haute-Alsace

The Mulhouse Materials Science Institute (IS2M) is a CNRS-University mixed research unit located in Haute-Alsace (UMR 7361).  Because of its multidisciplinary character, its scientific impact and the way it interacts with other fields, the laboratory represents one of the structuring forces in the field of Materials and their applications in the academic and industrial world, both at regional and national level. The IS2M has been able to define its identity and acquire unquestionable visibility on the highly competitive landscape of international research.

The IS2M owes its reputation to the excellence of its research, the scientific influence of its Researchers and Research Professors and the enormous professionalism of the research support staff. It also owes it to the attractiveness of the courses in which the Research Professors are involved and to the professional success of its PhD students and post-doctoral researchers.

The general objective of the Institute is to advance the knowledge front and transmit expertise in the field of Surfaces and InterfacesFunctionalization and Porous Materials.

In particular, the Institute aims to be a major player in the development of innovative methods and processes of synthesis, formatting, functionalization and bio-functionalization, in the field of development of characterization methods (specific and/or tailor-made), in the study of interaction mechanisms between a surface and its environment and in the study of correlations of properties on different scales.

To achieve this aim, one of its priorities is to attract and recruit high-potential researchers, research professors and research engineers on an international scale. The Institute’s action strategy is organised around 8 thematic axes :

  • Functional Polymer Engineering
  • Controlled Porosity Materials
  • Carbon and Hybrid Materials
  • Molecules, Nano-, Micro-Structures : Elaboration, Functionalities
  • Transfers, Reactivity, Materials for Clean Processes
  • Physics of Low Dimensionality Systems
  • Biomaterials / Biointerfaces
  • Multi-Scale Numerical Simulations

The operation of these 8 thematic areas is mainly supported by a large fleet of high-performance equipment enriched by eleven technical platforms (including 41 pieces of equipment) with ISO 9001 certification.

Prof. Jacques Lalevée is a Professor of Physical Chemistry at the University of Haute Alsace, Mulhouse. His research interests are focused on free-radical chemistry and the design of efficient systems for photopolymerization processes. He has published a total of around 245 research articles (h-index = 34 – source : web of science), technical papers, proceedings, patents, review papers, and book chapters. He is also a Member of the Institut Universitaire de France (Paris). Professor Jacques Lalevée is an authority on photochemistry and connection with the above it will be an opportunity to work with the best in the field of photochemistry.