Photo of High Technologies Company was established as a result of many years of research in the photopolymerization process. Scientific work under the direction of Dr. eng. Joanna Ortyl, winner of many prestigious awards in the country and around is continued on the basis of the commercial in our company. The main aim of our activities on the territory of the Jagiellonian Centre of Innovation is to streamline the processes that are used in the automotive, printing, electronics, adhesives, packaging and broadly defined film-forming industry. Photopolymerization process development we see in two categories. The first is the economic side – thanks to our products several times effectively is used the necessary energy ultraviolet light in the curing of coatings, paints and other coatings, polymer coatings on a variety of substrates. Another aspect of the same issue is to significantly reduce the time of exposure and hence the marked increase in the rate of production lines. The second category is absolute care for the environment around us. Solutions of Photo High Technologies completely eliminate the need for organic solvents and do not adversely affect the performance of the cured coating, and not the time-release of substances used in the composition. Thus, for example, are used in products that have direct contact with food.