Photo4Chem Ltd. is a Scientific Service Companies that carry out research and measurement services at (public) research infrastructures on behalf of industrial clients and provide targeted expertise in many technological and scientific fields on a contractual basis. We have excellent photochemistry know-how on certain research methods and on how to apply and interpret gathered data and research insights, while also understanding the commercial context of their client.

We act as innovative problem solvers and facilitate applicable tailor-made solutions to industrial and societal challenges involving industry and academia. Lowering the burden for businesses (particularly SMEs) to get in touch with research infrastructures and being knowledgeable about research instruments and methods are key features of our competence. We easily meet industry‘s interests in confidentiality and in concluding straightforward contracts on industry terms while advancing applied science through method development as well as real knowledge and technology transfer. We act as executors of scientific expertise and ”ambassadors” for research potential and facilities by e.g. carrying out measurements and experiments with their own staff at research facilities. We want to act as accelerators for innovation by providing businesses with much quicker yet complete assistance in (analytical) research through the targeted and nuanced application of conventional and advanced characterization of e.g. ingredients or materials and speed up research and development in areas like 3D printing, photocurable resin, photocurable coating, polymer technology, photopolymerization, and material science.

This way we enable businesses to even tap into the world of research and broadening their knowledge to be turned into new products or processes and thus are drivers of productivity. Furthermore, through training and seminars for customers and employees, they broaden the knowledge base and help to reduce skills shortage.


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