We were at 7th European Symposium on Photopolymer Science (ESPS 2022)

This week, representatives from our team were at the 7th European Symposium on Photopolymer Science (ESPS 2022)!👩🏫👩💻👨💼.

The conference organized by Prof. Yusuf Yagci and Prof. Nergis Arsu was a great success, and together with excellent scientists from around the world, our team also had the opportunity to present our research results!🧬🧪

As an Invited Speaker, our Prof. Joanna Ortyl had the pleasure of delivering a paper entitled. "New one-component cationic photoinitiators for 3D printing applications, New High-Performance Photoinitiating Systems Development and Polymer Coating Industry Applications"🤩.

Monika Topa gave a presentation entitled: "The first panchromatic one-component BODIPY based iodonium salts exhibiting a absorption in the 400-600 nm spectral range for cationic photopolymerization for 3D printing"👍

Our team also presented the results of their research in the form of posters:
⭐️Magdalena Jankowska : "Development of multi-material photo-curable resins for 3D printing".
⭐️Monika Topa Skwarczyńska : "Visible light-curing polymer composites characterized by reduced polymerization shrinkage".
⭐️Paweł NiezgodaPaweł Niezgoda: "Introduction of carbon dots into cationic photopolymerization in a nano-photoinitiating system"
⭐️Katarzyna Starzak : "New Photoinitiating Systems Using Bio-based Fluorophores in the Role of Photosensitizers for Free-reading Photopolymerization Processes".

Take a look at the photo report from this conference 😊