We have become finalists in the KOKOS (Student Construction Competition)!

"The purpose of the KOKOS competition is to identify and reward the most talented young constructors, confront their work with the demanding business world, and help them commercialize their projects and attract investors."In addition, the Student Construction Competition provides substantive support to young constructors through the implementation of accompanying events - certified training courses and workshops on the art of self-presentation, soft skills, or business strategies.KOKOS is also an opportunity to integrate students with representatives of the world of business, science and technology, as well as to popularize the idea of innovation and invention."

Our students presented the results of a project carried out as part of FutureLab PK: "Design and construction of a new type of DIW 3D printer for printing photo-curable polymer nanocomposites". During the event itself, the team led by Joanna Ortyl was proudly represented by Patrycja Środa, Katarzyna Starzak and Paweł Niezgoda!
We would also like to thank the organizers of the KOKOS Student Construction Competition for this interesting event and bringing together young scientists from all over Poland!