Support under the “Innovation Incubator 4.0” competition

We are pleased to inform you that the projects developed in our laboratory are among fourteen innovative projects that will receive support under the "Innovation Incubator 4.0" competition: Monika Topa "New generation safe, photo-cured dental composites with better performance properties", Joanna Ortyl "Photoinitiators as component of photocurable biocouples for use in 3D bioprinting used in cell culture, toxicology, drug screening and regenerative medicine ", Maciej Pilch "Luminescent-marked coatings dedicated to mapping pressure on surfaces of models of real objects tested in wind tunnels (such as high-rise buildings and machines transport)„ Wiktoria Tomal "Photocurable polymer resins for the production of polymer nanocomposites in the 3D-VAT printing technology"