Scientific colaboration with Sythos

We would like to inform you that our doctoral student Paweł Fiedor is slowly finishing his PhD (under the supervision of prof. Joanna Ortyl), carried out in cooperation with the company Synthos‼️
ℹ️ℹ️ During the conference in Gdansk, Pawel presented the latest results of his research conducted in cooperation with the R&D department at Synthos.

🆕Interesting discussions, a large dose of new information, many innovative ideas, a huge amount of work put in - for this we sincerely thank all the participants of this meeting with whom we had the opportunity to meet again.
In the photos we put our colleagues from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan whom we send our regards 😉

Within the framework of the program, Synthos company offers to carry out independent research projects for the benefit of a multinational corporation.
Thus, they offer:
► the opportunity to cooperate with a modern research laboratory
► participation in interesting research projects
► a competitive doctoral scholarship