Science in the spotlight

🆕🎥Last week our Team had the pleasure of recording promotional videos of inventions that are the subject of TRL 4.0 Innovation Incubator projects! 🔬⚗️
ℹ️Thank you to the Technology Transfer Center of Krakow University of Technology for organizing and allowing us to create cool invention promotion material: Joanna Ortyl, Monika Topa, Maciek Pilch and Wiktoria Tomal! 🧪🧬 All of this was done because of the upcoming Demo Day 2022 - an event organized by CTT of five Krakow universities🔸.
We would also like to thank the film crew led by Mr. Kamil Domanski for the super atmosphere and patience with the scene replays!💯

📽📸We encourage you to read the report from the film set, and we will see the effects soon‼️