Meet Our Members Series, Episode #15 – Students Edition!

After short Holidays we are back with the Meet Our Team Series - Students Edition!

We hope that you will find interesting information and that our series will result in numerous scientific collaborations!

Episode 15

In today's episode we present

  • Our Student - Bartosz Oksiuta. He studies biotechnology with a specialization in industry and environmental protection. He is a member of a research group of professor Joanna Ortyl. He is interested in 3D printing technologies and photopolymerization processes. He develops his interests by participating in the construction of 3D printers and research on photoinitiators used in 3D printing.


  • Our Student -Szymon Żydowski. He is a secondary year student of Biotechnology, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Chemical Technology at Cracow University of Technology. He joined Joanna's Ortyl research group in January 2022. He is involved in FUTURE LAB project. Currently, he is running spectroscopical research of new compounds which can be useful in photochemistry.

We invite you to get acquainted with their profiles.