Photo4Chem is tomorrow at the 1st ECO CONGRESS, which takes place on May 24, 2022 at the Jagiellonian University🥳🤩.

Information about the congress:
"The climate clock is ticking loud and clear. Every passing minute lets us know very bluntly that an immediate response is needed to prepare for the big changes that are coming.
Changing attitudes and taking a favorable view of environmentalism are not easy. It takes awareness, encouragement and top-down support to achieve a level of action that will increase our chances in the coming future.
One thing is certain. We cannot accept the continued downplaying of the climate-ecological crisis. That's why Jagiellonian University invites everyone to the first Eco Congress, in which science, business and the city will engage in a joint dialogue. This is the first popular science event of its kind, with panel discussions, exhibition space, networking, media, experts, diplomats and influencers all in one place.
Eco Congress is the beginning of something bigger. A platform that, through cooperation, exchange of ideas, casual conversations and meetings between business and science, will strive to spread knowledge, offer ecological solutions and teach conscious decision-making in everyday life. We are only a few degrees away from humanity's greatest crisis. It's time to get serious."