Faculty Inauguration of the Academic Year 2022/2023

Today we officially started the new academic year 2022/2022 at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology of Krakow University of Technology! 🥳🤩
At the Faculty Inauguration of the Academic Year, the diploma presentation ceremony was held for the finalists of the 2021/2022 Student Scientific Association Session. Congratulations to our Finalists:
🧪Zuza Wątor
🧪Katarzyna Starzak
🧪Bartosz Oksiuta
who performed the research presented at the Circles Session in our Scientific Circle under the supervision of Professor Joanna Ortyl and Maciek Pilch👨🔬🧑💼👩🔬👩💼.
Congratulations to the finalists and mentors! 👏🤝


The Faculty Inauguration of the Academic Year also featured a chemical experiment demonstration organized by the PK Armed Forces!

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