Big win for our team at international invention exhibition

Our team's research has been awarded on the international arena! 5 inventions of our srudents, PhD students and Prof. Joanna Ortyl have won gold and silver medals at the International Warsaw Invention Exhibition - IWIS 2021. The list of awarded inventions and their authors can be found below.

Gold Medal
 K. Starzak, M. Jankowska, D. Krok, J. Ortyl
Bio-renewable epoxidized photocurable resins for 3D printing applications
Silver Medal
 J. Ortyl, W. Tomal, D. Krok
Fiber-reinforced 2D composites obtained by photopolymerization - a way to create carbon-fiber and glass-fiber composites for eEngineering applications
Silver Medal
J. Ortyl, M. Jankowska, P. Niezgoda
The New Photocatalytic Initiators for the Visible Light Photopolymerization Processes of Cationic, Free-Radical and Hybrid-Photopolymerization for 3D printing application
Gold Medal
 J. Ortyl, P. Szymaszek, P. Stalmach, A. Chachaj-Brekiesz
Fluorescent molecular chemosensors for detection and measurement of metal ions in living systems
Gold Medal
J. Ortyl, W. Tomal, P. Fiedor
Photocurable resins for additive manufacturing of carbon nanotube composites using 3D-VAT printing technology